A Little About Us...

College costs are rising, government funds are shrinking, and many promising students cannot afford to realize their dreams of a post-secondary education. At a time when education should be a top priority for our country, access to education needs to be equally important.

B.E.S.T. Dollars for Scholars has accomplished a lot since 1987.. We now have an endowment of more than $1,000,000 funding scholarships for Bethel District graduates.

Over 100 of our collegiate partners match, in part or in total, Dollars for Scholars awards.

We receive generous regular donations from:

  • Bethel School District employees through the "Day's Pay" program
  • Graham Business Association Annual Scholarship Auction
  • Individuals, families, and business sponsored scholarships
  • Community donations for memorial scholarships

Please read the full text of the wonderful thank you letter from Autumn Knutson, she explains exactly what your scholarship donations can do. Click Here!

How B.E.S.T. Began - Featuring Harriott Balmer